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Baby Sleep Specialists Alkimos can provide sleep training to foster healthy sleeping habits in your baby. With innovative and customized sleep routines, you will have an easy time getting your baby to sleep. We can help with sleep regression, nighttime wakes, and problem falling asleep in babies of all ages.

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Allow us to design and implement a sleep plan that takes care of your baby’s specific needs. Your child is having trouble sleeping because they need to learn when to do it and how to do it. With a few techniques, our baby sleep specialists Alkimos will transform your baby into a great sleeper.

Break your baby’s poor sleep habits now with the help of Alkimos Sleep Consultants. Your baby needs to sleep well for proper growth and cognitive development. Without them getting enough shut-eye, you can brace yourself for tantrums and battle shrieks in the middle of the night.

How do you win that baby insomnia battle?

In our experience as Alkimos sleep specialists, many parents shoot themselves in the foot by unwittingly encouraging poor sleep habits. If your baby has grown older than six months and is still keeping you awake at night, it is time to turn to baby sleep specialists Alkimos for sleep training.

Our expert sleep programmes will guarantee a restful night for you and the baby. Your little one will learn to settle in fast at night. You can expect zero night time tantrums as your child learns to sleep through the night. They will be healthy, bouncy and happy during the day.

Baby Sleep Specialists Alkimos: How to get your baby to sleep

Day/night training

The concept of night and day is too complicated for your baby’s internal clock. Toddler sleep Alkimos professionals can create a routine to fix that using unique cues. These include drawing the curtains during the day and dimming the lights when they sleep at night.

Bedtime rituals

Apart from day/night training, Baby Nap Alkimos experts will help to design a bedtime routine for your baby. The nightly rituals help to condition a child’s mind to sleep. Doing this ritual daily, for instance reading them a bedtime story will help to notify their internal clock that it is time to slow down.

Tweak their day naps

If your baby is napping for more than 2 hours in each of his/her, then that could be the reason why they are sleepless at night. Alkimos Sleep specialists help to create napping routines that don’t interfere with the baby’s night’s sleep. Proper nap scheduling can help your little one sleep like a log.

Teach them to fall asleep independently

The biggest mistake parents make is over-soothing their babies to get them to sleep. Reduce the soothing if you want to avoid nighttime cries. Baby Nap Alkimos also recommend that you lay your child in the crib when they are still awake but drowsy. This way they will learn to fall asleep with minimal assistance.

Dream feed

Dream-feeding helps both you and the baby. The reason your baby finds it hard to sleep at night could be that they get hungry. Feeding them just before bedtime will help them sleep through the night so that you also get your beauty sleep.

Need help getting your baby to sleep? Get in touch with baby sleep specialists Alkimos for a customized and hands-on sleep training plan.


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