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Sleep is necessary for your child’s healthy growth and removing it from the equation can lead to imbalances. Top on the list of problems your toddler is at risk for not sleeping well include slowed cognitive development. That is a compelling reason to seek Baby Nap Sleep Consultants Baldivis professional assistance.

Baby Nap Baldivis

Toddler Sleep Consultants Baldivis provide sleep training services for kids troubled with sleep deprivation. When your toddler is not sleeping at night, it usually means that you have to take on a night shift with no bonus but endless tantrums. If your older baby is terrorizing you with nightly demands because they cannot sleep, you should consider the services of our Sleep Consultants located in Baldivis.

Toddlers are exploratory and playful, that is how they spend most of the day. Sleeping at night helps them to rest and process all the experiences they had during the day. If your toddler is not sleeping at night, their days will gradually start to feel wagged out. Toddler sleep deprivation also messes up with their appetite and speech learning.

Is your toddler not sleeping?

Our Baby Nap sleep consultants in Baldivis understand the many factors can affect your child’s sleep and can help you navigate your baby around these barriers. Your toddler’s sleep cycle is dependent on their surroundings. If you move them to a new room, a new bed or you move to a new home altogether, your child is bound to have sleep interference until they settle.

Between one and three years, so much is happening in the toddler’s life. Teething, for instance, can disrupt your child’s sleeping pattern. A new hobby can also make it hard for your baby to sleep through the night.

Symptoms of toddler sleep deprivation:

  • Napping for long during the day
  • Irritable and cranky during the day
  • Sleeping-in in the morning
  • Help Get My Toddler to Sleep

You can rely on the services of Toddler Sleep Consultants Baldivis to get your toddler to sleep well at night. The below are blanket techniques, but when you talk to us, we can customize a strategy that addresses your toddler’s needs.

  1. Embrace a regular day routine

You need to have a set time for your toddler’s napping and bedtime every day. You should stick to this routine and induce him/her to nap or sleep even if they are not tired. When evening comes, don’t keep them up too late. The ideal sleeping time for toddlers is 8pm.

  1. Consistent bedtime routine

Feeding and bathing are some of the regular methods that can help your toddler sleep well at night. Some parents throw in a bedtime story. Whatever routine you chose ensure it is calming and relaxing to help them sleep fast.

  1. Shorten day time napping

Generally, toddlers nap for about 3 hours in the afternoon. That should reduce as they grow in age between 1 and three years. If your toddler is not sleeping at night, it could mean that they are napping for longer during the day. Start by reducing their afternoon nap time.

  1. Reduce nightly nursing

It happens that toddlers who wake up in the middle of the night to feed face trouble getting back to sleep. Because they are used to it, they will keep waking up at night for food and losing sleep in doing so. If you have to feed your toddler at night, increase the intervals between nursing. It would help if you also gradually reduce their nightly meals/snacks so they can learn to feed during the day.

Toddler sleep deprivation is a common problem parents face with their children. Sleep training by Toddler Sleep Consultants Baldivis can help to get your toddler’s sleep cycle back on track for their healthy growth.


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