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Baby sleepy cues are signs that your child gives when they need to catch on their ZZZs. Being unaware of these signs, or misreading them for that matter can drastically affect your baby’s sleep cycle. You will start to frantically look for ways to help your baby fall asleep because their sleep appetite is quashed. We can help you avoid that. 

Baby Nap Brookdale

Brookdale baby sleep specialists can help you understand your baby’s sleepy cues to create a healthy sleeping pattern for them. Every parent should be concerned about the quality of sleep their child is getting. Sleep is the golden tether between physical growth and proper mental development. However, are you skilled enough to tell when your child wants to sleep?

Brookdale Sleep Specialists – Understand Your Baby’s Language

As Brookdale sleep specialists we have been studying and analyzing how babies sleep for a long time now. We have tried and tested every technique in the book for identifying and interpreting a baby’s sleepy cues. We can help you speak the same language as your baby when it comes to their sleep needs.

In our many years as sleep specialists Brookdale, we have found the most notorious sleepy cues in babies to be yawning, rubbing of eyes, fluttering eyelids, clenching fists and jerky arms and leg movements among others. By understanding these cues, you can help your baby to sleep on time and remove distractions such as toys.

How to Discern Your Baby’s Sleep Cues

The above mentioned are typical signs, but your baby’s sleepy cues might be very different and unique. Baby Nap Brookdale experts believe that reading your child’s sleepy cues is much complicated than it sounds. A drowsy signal that you know nothing about can cost your baby their daytime nap and consequently their night’s beauty sleep.

Watch and learn

To analyze your child’s sleepy signs, you must first watch them closely. You will need to know how they behave when fully awake. You will need to note the behaviour change when they start to drift slowly and become drowsy. At this point, most babies become suddenly still and then transition to fussiness. These cues might mean that your little one is ready for their nap.

Time-specific patterns

Most babies nap at almost the same time every day. For instance, if yesterday they napped at 2 pm, you can watch out for the mood and behaviour change they display around that same time today. Our Brookdale sleep training specialists can help you to understand these cues and plan a nap routine that is appropriate for your baby’s age


Document your baby sleep habits and save the notes for future troubleshooting. If you need assistance with documenting and analyzing your baby’s sleep cues, you can engage the services of Brookdale Sleep Specialists. Recording these patterns will help you master your baby’s sleepy cues, feeding time and napping time.

Apply what you have learned

Now that you have watched, discovered and documented the possible sleepy cues your babe displays, it is time to put your skills to practice. For instance, put the baby to bed after you see the signals and watch how they behave. If they fall asleep fast that would mean that you got it right. If they don’t fall asleep, note that and keep on perfecting your baby sleepy cues discernment.

Even after understanding your baby’s sleepy cues, they keep changing with age. Brookdale sleep specialists can help not only to analyze and document the baby’s sleepy cues but also to design sleep training plans based on your baby’s persona.


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