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Cockburn Infant Sleep Consultants can help to turn your baby into a great sleeper. If you are at a loss why your little angel is giving you sleepless nights, you are not alone. The truth is that no baby is born a great sleeper. You get there with a professionally assisted routine.

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The first step to turning your baby into a great sleeper is by helping them fall asleep fast when you drop them off in their crib. Newborns particularly often fail to distinguish night and day. You will need to teach him/her the difference so that they can fall asleep fast when night comes.

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You can successfully assist your child to sleep well with professional sleep training. Cockburn Infant sleep consultants are a team of baby sleep experts that will transform your life for the better. By putting your baby to sleep fast, you will get a chance to rest well at night. Your days will be full of energy and appreciation of life.

If your little one has taken hostage of your nights, below are the techniques to put your baby to sleep fast in Cockburn.

1. Dim the lights

A baby’s biological clock, just like adults is tethered to lights. Darkness triggers sleep hormones while lights signal the body to wake up. Babies might be too young to realize that at first, but our Cockburn baby sleep consultants can help them tell the difference between night and day.

The next time you lay your little one to sleep, dim the lights. This technique doesn’t stop there; you need to keep their rooms well lit during the day too for successful conditioning. Even when they are napping, the curtains should be drawn. Following this routine daily will condition them to fall asleep every time you switch off the lights.

2. Avoid eye contact

If you spend the day playing with your baby, eye contact with them at night might stimulate their minds and make them think it is time to play. For that reason, our sleep specialists in Cockburn recommend that you avoid direct eye contact when laying your baby to sleep at night.

Cockburn infant sleep consultants recommend that you keep all your nightly interactions with the baby at a low key. Even if your baby is already drowsy when you are putting them to bed, eye contact snaps them out of their sleepy state. That would mean a replay of the all the hassle it took to get them ready to sleep.

3. Reduce the soothing action

It is conventional for parents to put their backs into it when soothing their babies to sleep. It appears to be the easy way out, but it isn’t really and if you are doing that stop right now. Excessive soothing could be the main reason why your child has trouble sleeping when you lay them to bed.

Baby Nap Cockburn experts believe that babies should learn to self-soothe. For the days when you are not up to the task of intensive soothing, your child will fall asleep fast by themselves. This technique also helps to reduce nighttime crying, for when they wake up in the witching hours, they will self-soothe back to sleep.

After a hard day at work, all you want when you get home is your beauty sleep. Putting your baby to sleep fast can help you get the much-needed rest and rejuvenation. Drop us a line today and let our Cockburn Infant Sleep Consultants design routines and techniques that will turn your baby into a fast sleeper.

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