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Forrestdale baby sleep specialists provide sleep consulting services including seep training and sleep schedule for infants. A professionally created baby bedtime routine can turn your baby into a better sleeper. These routines will also help you get a good night sleep yourself.

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Bedtime routines designed by baby sleep consultants Forrestdale help to relax your baby and condition him/her to sleep through the night. By relaxing your baby, he/she also gets to fall asleep quickly. Whatever routine you adopt, consistency is vital. We have mastered the psychology and sleep cycle of babies and know well which routines are sure to work. You want a sleep programme that is personal and fits in the right with your schedule and lifestyle. Our Forrestdale baby sleep specialists will add that personal touch to your child’s sleep training.

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Baby nap Forrestdale experts recommend that you start in the early evening to get through the rituals before bedtime. Keep it short and simple. Techniques such as feeding, bathing, and a bedtime story tend to work for most parents.

Establishing a sleep routine

Whatever routine you settle on, you should measure how your baby responds to it. Our Forrestdale baby sleep specialists can help you determine whether your baby is reacting positively to the bedtime routine. We can also advise change that factor in your child’s specific sleeping needs basing on age, weight or medical situations.

Below are some bedtime routine ideas you can try. For exponential results with sleep training, first, take the time to analyze and understand your baby’s sleep patterns and behaviours before introducing them to a routine.


In the early evening, it would help to get your baby to spend all their excess energy before getting ready for bed. That may include dancing with him/her or letting them play in their bouncer. Forrestdale baby sleep specialists recommend that you follow this up with a calming ritual such as a bath and a bedtime story.

Evening bath

An evening bath soothes the baby and helps them to relax for the night. Washing your baby in lukewarm water is a surefire way to ease them off to slumberland. This is an excellent time to bond with your child if you spent the day at work.

Bedtime story

If your baby is over-excited about baths, it would be best to remove it from your routines and replace it with a bedtime story. This ritual not only helps to relax your baby but also to boost their cognitive development. Their language skills can benefit a great deal from that.


This is a favorite bedtime routine for many parents. Your soft, soothing melody can help to lull time to sleep at any time. It is ideal to repeat the same song, so the child realizes that it is the final business of the day.


In case you are not great at lullabies, you can play a CD of classical kids’ songs to help ease your baby into sleep. The beauty with this ritual is that once you turn the volume low, the baby will be able to sleep on their own without you being there.

Bedtime rituals are necessary to help relax your baby and ease them to sleep. Consistency is the secret to getting results. Forrestdale baby sleep specialists can help you create the right routine for your child’s specific sleep needs.

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