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Every child, everyone home, everyone is different. Our Hillarys Baby Nap team understand this and take the time to adapt our program to you and your family. It’s easy to have all the daily activities to pile up and that dynamics can vary from client to client. We pride ourselves in taking a passionate approach, working and listening to you, so that we can create the best outcome for you and to help your baby sleep.

If you regularly have to travel with your baby in the car, you will need to put in place routines to prevent sleep loss. Baby Sleep consultant Hillarys understand how a 5-minute nap in the vehicle can prevent your baby from falling asleep again. These micro naps are a recipe for fussiness and tiredness.

Why does my baby sleep in the car?

The car environment and the comfortable seat, strollers, and calm atmosphere is usually lulling. Also, when you are focusing on driving your little one will get bored and slowly sink into a nap. These car naps are never restful.

The biggest mistake, according to Hillarys Sleep Specialists is transferring your napping baby from the car to the crib. Eventually, he/she may not be able to sleep at all- not in the car and not in the crib. If they start napping in the car, Hillarys pediatric sleep consultants advise to keep on driving so they can have a full cycle of napping.

Baby sleep consultant Hillarys: What to do when baby naps in the car

Allow your baby a full 30 or 45 minutes for napping. Waking them up or moving them someplace elsewhere will play hobs with their sleep pattern.

Nap transitioning

Car naps affect a child’s sleep cycle and may usher in nap transitioning. If car naps are a regular thing for your child, baby nap Hillarys specialists recommend nap transitioning to create balance. By the time you get home, it might be too late in the afternoon to introduce another nap. That means that you have to drop naps, for instance, from 3 to 2 with the car nap functioning as the cat nap because it lasts shorter than the two.

For a successful nap transitioning, the two naps your baby gets at home must be longer than the car nap. Two full naps for more than 1 hour each can help to fill in the deficit created by the car nap. At this point, baby sleep consultant Hillarys also recommends an early bedtime to take care of the nap debt. Sleeping early helps them adjust to the two nap routine.

Car naps lead to overtiredness

The biggest dread is that even after napping in the car, your baby will feel overtired and refuse to nap for the remainder of the day. The other fear is that car naps are not safe. Babies need to sleep on a flat sleeping surface. Sleeping in an upright position in the car seat might cause breathing difficulties for your baby.

Carnapping has been associated with positional asphyxia which is usually fatal in babies. You can avoid car naps by keeping your baby active with treats, instructing an older sibling to keep him/her busy or engaging them with an interactive toy or games on your phone. Get in touch with baby sleep consultant Hillarys today for safe car nap training for your baby.

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