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Getting close to returning back to work I contacted Jenna for help and so glad we did!!! Indi now sleeps through the whole night 12hrs without any feeds!! So happy we got our bed and full nights sleep back!!!! I can’t recommend Jenna enough, she saved us just in time for my return back to work😬

Hannah Prunster

Happy Mum

I highly recommend Jenna from Sleep Science Guru. She literally is worth every cent and more and more and more. She has been the most incredible support through this difficult time. Kate is now sleeping through the night (from waking 2 to 3 hourly)! Her naps are becoming more consistent as well.

Allison Green

Happy Mum

Thank you so much for your help over the last two weeks Jenna. In such a short space of time we are now in such a different place with our 8 month old who is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night and getting better every day. She now knows her day from night and we have been able to say goodbye to night feeds. You have been amazing, so knowledgeable and have really built confidence in me over the last two weeks to help my daughter sleep better. Thank you!

Laura Harper

Happy Mum

Jenna is absolutely amazing!! She is a sleep angel and her strategies actually WORK. My toddler never slept through and after four days of implementing Jenna’s strategies she has been sleeping twelve hours! I didn’t have the confidence to tackle this on my own but with Jenna giving me so much support through the whole process it honestly made it so easy.

If your child is having any sleep issues do not hesitate to get in contact with Jenna as she will have a plan to get them sleeping in no time. I can not recommend her enough.

N Amati

Happy Mum

Jenna has honestly worked wonders for our family! We can’t thank you enough! Wills has slept with me in our bed since he was 12 weeks & would only day nap in the car, he’s now 16 months. He had never had a nap or spent the night in his cot until the day Jenna came round to our house. 3 weeks in and Wills has taken every nap and every night sleep in his cot in the nursery, I’m so proud of him & how far he has come in this short space of time. Could not have achieved this without Jenna’s help and support. Highly recommended Sleep Science Guru. Thank you So much!

William Laird

Happy Dad